Reiki is an age old form of holistic healing from the Reiki Masters of Japan. I have use these ancient healing techniques since 2015.

Every session for each client, is unique.

Healing messages and sometimes messages from the other side come through for your best interest

Please remember Reiki is an addition to your current medical regimen not a replacement.

Call me today to discuss your personal healing session. 


Reiki Sessions could last up to an hour. There will be a client/practitioner recap after the session. The sessions are a chance for the client to relax and let them enjoy some self care time. 

Sessions are unique to the individual, they could be an emotional journey or a healing transition. Reiki is meant for all avenues of life. It emcompasses the Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental areas of the self. Holistic healing is a miracle to experience and to give.

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Healing Reiki Session

Reiki Information

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient, hands-on energy healing therapy. The Japanese word Reiki describes a system for tapping into universal life force, sometimes referred to as chi or qi, the energy that creates and sustains all life. Reiki can be used before cancer treatment, during treatment, and
after treatment.

How Can Reiki Help Me?
Reiki is non-invasive and is known to be safe. It facilitates a deep state of relaxation, and can be used to manage stress, and promote well-being and comfort. The use of Reiki as an integrative therapy in hospitals is increasing. Research and clinical
experience show that it may help with treatment symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia, and nausea.

Reiki should not be used to replace medical care or to postpone seeing a healthcare provider about a health problem. You are encouraged to tell your healthcare provider about any and all therapies you are using outside of your conventional care.

The Reiki session is generally done with hands on the body through one’s clothing, but can also be done with hands off the body. When using Reiki with other touch modalities (such as massage), you can choose to receive it on exposed skin. Whether seated in a chair or receiving Reiki on a table, your comfort and safety is our first concern, and you are encouraged to discuss your comfort needs with the Reiki practitioner.

Your first visit may require a bit more time to allow you and your practitioner to discuss:
• your medical history, treatment, laboratory results, and any pertinent information that will help your therapist provide you with a safe and effective session;
• any adjustments that may be needed to make you comfortable during your session;
• benefits of Reiki for your condition and symptoms;
• what your goals are for this session and/or ongoing sessions; and
• any questions that you might have before starting the Reiki session.

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Reiki Payment Information

Reiki appointments are $60 for each session. Payments must be received in advance. Any other payment arrangements must be made prior to your appointment.

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Please Note: Reiki is not a replacement for any medical advice or professional knowledge. It is a holistic energy healing modality that works along with your current medical regimen.